Web Video Conference Depositions

Virtual Depositions

Barrett Reporting has simplified remote web depositions.  With our virtual deposition system, every person in the deposition is able to participate remotely with their webcam-equipped computers or smartphone with an Internet connection. Before getting started, you can follow just a few simple steps:

  1. Send out your deposition notices stating intent to use the virtual deposition process, and we can help you with wording suggestions.
  2. Contact Barrett Reporting to set up training to assist you in any aspect of the Zoom platform or the web deposition process you need help with – Megan@barrettreporting.com or (888) 740-1100.
  3. Show up at the scheduled deposition time on Zoom and take your deposition!

Our web-depo team monitors every virtual deposition hosted from our office to provide expert assistance immediately if questions arise.

Remote depositions have always been possible, and now they are the norm.  COVID-19 has turned the web video conference into a cost-effective everyday tool to get depositions done.  Even the law governing the location of reporters and swearing in of witnesses has changed as shown here:

CA CCP 2025.310(a) At the election of the deponent or the deposing party, the deposition officer may attend the deposition at a different location than the deponent via remote means. A deponent is not required to be physically present with the deposition officer when being sworn in at the time of the deposition.

How A Remote Web Deposition Works

When a virtual web deposition is set, it is done the same way as usual depositions, except that you must help to provide the email address of each attendee.  This is when we schedule a training time with you, if you would like, and we work with you until you are comfortable with the process.  A day or two before the deposition Barrett Reporting will send a Zoom invitation to each person on the list which provides a link and instructions for getting into the meeting.

On the day of the deposition we usually log onto Zoom a half hour before the deposition begins and start letting folks into the Zoom session.  Also to assist with any last-minute concerns before the depo begins.  Once all the parties planning to be participating are present, the deposition begins.

The reporter may state something at the beginning of the deposition for the record, and if the deposition is videotaped the videographer will have a short read-on to offer also.  During the deposition exhibits are shown on the Zoom screen and requested to be marked for identification.  The reporter will actually mark the documents later.   Whoever is presenting those Exhibits will provide the reporter or Barrett Reporting with electronic exhibit files after the deposition.   We can teach you how to present exhibits quickly if you don’t know how yet.  The remote deposition continues until all parties have no further questions and they go off the record and the Zoom meeting is ended.

That’s when the reporter begins preparing the final transcript and the exhibits.  The entire process takes about two weeks normally, but if you are needing the transcript by a different date, please let us know, and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

We care about you, and our work will show that.  We want this process to go smoothly for everyone.

Call us now at 888-740-1100 with your remote virtual depositions!

Advantages of Remote Depositions:

  • Ultra Time and Money Savings – No Driving to Depo Location Saves Hours
  • Safe Interactions – No In-Person Meetings = No Exposure
  • Simple and Fast – Exhibits Handled Electronically So No Mailing Paper
  • Versatile – Videographers and Interpreters Attend Via Web Depo Platforms

The advantages to the remote deposition process are countless.  Web depositions and/or remote depositions are here to stay.

We have been perfecting the process for our clients, and we can help you!

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