We keep our reporters, videographers and interpreters updated on assignment information at all times.

This portal is where all the information they need is available 24 hours a day and designed to get specific personnel to the proper location at the correct time.

From here, reporters can access:

  • Assignments posted daily with map/directions.
  • Instant access to pertinent job information for personnel
  • Triple-confirm every assignment for accuracy

In trusting Barrett Reporting with their work, our clients deserve to know that we have assigned, confirmed, and then confirmed again that job information is printed and actually in the hands of the competent professional chosen for that assignment. Nothing is left to chance or memory, and our track record reflects that the extra steps we take are worth it!

Download the informative article Seven Habits of Highly Successful Court Reporters for more information on what makes our court reporters the best in the industry.

There are two links below. One is for a viewing program to view the Free E-Transcript (.ptx) files, and the other is Adobe Reader so you can view and word search your Exhibit files in Adobe (.pdf).