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Court reporters often seem to be “magicians” of the legal community. In deposition or courtroom settings, with parties in the throes of passion, formulating and firing questions and answers, objections and theories, raised voices . . . the court reporter silently smiles, captures it all and miraculously produces a flawless record. It just happens, and nobody really knows how. That is, except our court reporters, who carry out our court reporting services daily.

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Court Reporting ServicesClearly understanding our clients’ needs and always executing our court reporting services in the most professional manner allows us to provide outstanding court reporting service and delivery of a court report that exceeds expectations. Clearly understanding our court reporters’ needs and taking great care to satisfy them helps maintain our ability to offer the best court reporters to our clients. We always provide great, professionl & accurate court reports, even on short notice.

Barrett Reporting gives its court reporters all the respect they are due, and the court reporters appreciate us for it, allowing us to attract the most experienced court reporting in the industry for our clients. Our court reporters average nearly two decades of experience, and you’ll know it. Whether depositions, virtual depositions, medical exams, hearings, arbitrations, trials or audio transcriptions, you’re sure to get a great transcript, and our court reporters will make it look easy!


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